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The present project explores the topic of the body in psychotherapy with its many different access possibilities. The specialist orientation is not important. In Austria, some procedures are not legally recognised, but in other European countries/English speaking countries they are already legally recognised.

Psychotherapeutic approaches involve the body in therapy processes to varying degrees. Some psychotherapists sometimes lack the expertise in this field and thus important possibilities remain unused.

As a (professional) visitor you may ask yourself how one can come to the conclusion that the body "cannot be included in therapy". After all, we are bodies and without it it is not possible. It does happen, however, that thinking and rationally graspable movements and verbalisations are given much more importance.

Thus the complexity of a question or the great possibility that there may have been important reasons in the (therapist's) own biography to protect oneself, for example. This in turn brings physical blockages ("imperceptibilities") with it.

Those who live body oriented, feel at the same time with their thoughts the feelings and all other perceptions of the body. The body can thus become a sense organ. At the same time it is also the "scene" for the inner world - and also the most important contact surface to the outside world.

Closely connected to the body and physicality is sexuality. This project is therefore dedicated to the further development of psychotherapeutic competence with regard to sexuality, the ability to love and couple dynamics. Body related couple therapy. Anyone who is looking for (and has) expertise in this field is most welcome here.

In psychotherapy, the body is increasingly given more attention. This may be through a more conscious use of body language, embodiment, or through the exploration of neurobiological factors (mirror neurons, messenger substances, polyvagal theory etc.) - of course also through the observation of physical resonance / interaction with the therapist. Almost all trauma therapeutic methods also work via the body (EMDR, trauma focus, brainspotting, tapping techniques etc.).

Strong body references have always had: the concentrative movement therapy, integrative Gestalt therapy, integrative therapy, the catathymic picture life, autogenic psychotherapy, client- and person-centered psychotherapy and partly also psychodrama. And also procedures such as Hakomi, Focusing, Somatic Experiencing, which are not recognised as psychotherapy procedures in Austria.

Body psychotherapy or body-oriented psychotherapy is not yet recognized in Austria, but it is taught as further training in Austria (see AABP), Germany and also in the USA. In Europe: https://eabp.org/

By involving the body more, the topic of sexuality can also show / unfold better. The areas of relationship and partnership are also closely linked to sexuality. Seen in this light, our invitation also goes out to all sexual and couple therapists who are interested in more body orientation.


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