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Project opportunities

  • Case vignettes | therapeutic issues are discussed in various forums.
  • Articles on body-related topics form a growing knowledge base internally.
  • Own publications | preliminary stages of these can first be shown to a small circle.
  • Research for future articles, master theses, etc. is facilitated by cooperation.
  • Possibility of intervision, supervision and coaching for scientific work.
  • Event information (workshops, seminars, groups) on the topic are collected in the calendar.
  • The aim of the project is the quality assurance of the work as a psychotherapists.

Pleasure in writing and research, the willingness to share own knowledge and a need for professional communication are also important basics.


Bild: bunte portugiesische Keramik an einer Hauswand, Vielfalt
Ziel & Ausrichtung  |  Aim & direction of koerperorientiert.at

Diese website informiert über körperorientierte Psychotherapie, Paar- und Sexualtherapie und vernetzt PsychotherapeutInnen zu diesem Thema. Es werden keine Dienstleistungen für KlientInnen / PatientInnen zur Verfügung gestellt. Das Projekt dient ausschließlich dem fachlichen Austausch sowie der wissenschaftlichen Auseinandersetzung und es verfolgt keine kommerziellen Ziele. Wir verzichten bewusst auf Werbe-Links und stellen keine Inhalte für werbetechnische Zwecke zu Verfügung.

This website informs about body-oriented psychotherapy, couple- and sexualtherapy and connects psychotherapists on this topic. No services are provided for clients / patients. The project serves exclusively for professional exchange and scientific discussion of the topic. There are no commercial aims connected with the project. We deliberately refrain from advertising links and do not provide any content for advertising purposes.